Congressman Ryan holds town hall in Waukesha

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Congressman Ryan holds town hall in Waukesha

By Melissa McCrady and the Associated Press. CREATED Oct 15, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 15, 2012

WAUKESHA - Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan is taking President Barack Obama to task over the nation's deficit at a Waukesha rally.

Ryan appeared in front of hundreds of people in Carroll University's field house Monday.

"You know what is great?  It's so great to be home," he uttered while wearing a Green Bay Packers tie.  "What we have here is a crisis of leadership."

He claimed American can't afford another four more years of Barack Obama as President.

His campaign erected a digital scoreboard at one end of the field house that tracked the growth of the national debt by the second.

Ryan urged people to watch how fast the numbers are growing.

He says Obama has run up more debt than all the nation's previous presidents combined.

"It hurts jobs today.  It destroys jobs tomorrow.  We need to fix this problem before it gets out of control."

Wisconsin is one of nine states Republicans and Democrats believe are still in play for the November elections.

Ryan headlined a fundraiser for GOP U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson in Milwaukee on Sunday and Vice President Joe Biden was in La Crosse on Friday.

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