'I'm not going anywhere,' says Flynn in secret meeting with community leaders

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Video by tmj4.com

'I'm not going anywhere,' says Flynn in secret meeting with community leaders

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Oct 4, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 5, 2012

MILWAUKEE- Milwaukee's Police chief was asked to resign during a meeting with nearly two dozen community leaders.

It prompted a fiery response from the chief, who said "I'm not going anywhere."

Chief Flynn hand-picked a select few in the community to attend that meeting Wednesday night, a meeting where the media was denied access.

Exclusive video obtained by TODAY'S TMJ4 shows a fired up Flynn lashing back at community leaders who want him out.

"Our job is to hold people accountable for wrong doing and we do," says Flynn.  "If you think stringing me up is going to get you further down the road to an accountable and more effective police department you're wrong."

J.W Spear is one of 30 who got the invite.  He's optimistic Flynn will be removed.

"We don't expect it to occur overnight but we do expect that to occur," says Spear.

The meeting which started in prayer quickly changed as the chief was forced to sit there as he heard complaints about his performance and some officers.

"The community deserves better policing," says Rodney Cole, who was also in the room.  "We believe that his officers look up to him as their leader.  When they see him taking that position with the community of course they'll take the same position."
Besides the video of Derek Williams dying in police custody, the community is upset with the excessive force used in the Water Street arrest, mistakes in reporting crime data and the looming investigation of seven officers and a sergeant accused of illegal cavity searches.

"The illegal strip search case was discovered by this police department," says Flynn in the video.  "Officers have told the truth in that investigation and there are going to be serious criminal charges announced soon."

But the chief made it very clear he's not throwing in the towel.

"I'm not quitting on this department and this community."

There's now an active organized movement to oust Flynn.

Click here if you would like to see more video of that exclusive meeting.