New Berlin West H.S. adapting cafeteria menu to fit federal guidelines

New Berlin West H.S. adapting cafeteria menu to fit federal guidelines

By Shelley Walcott. CREATED Sep 27, 2012

NEW BERLIN - If any lunch items change at New Berlin West High School, you can bet it won't be the nachos.

"Well we're hoping that our nachos meal isn't going to change at all," said Cindy Jensen, director of nutritional services in the New Berlin School District.  

"The students here really, really like that.  It's one of their favorites by far."

But Jensen says some menu items will have to change, thanks to new federal guidelines setting calorie caps on school meals.  It's the first major overhaul of the school lunch system in 15 years, championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

That means high school lunches can't top 850 calories. Jensen says parents are concerned their child will be hungry.

It's been an issue across the country including at Mukwonago High School where football players led a lunch boycott, complaining the less calories left them hungry.  Jensen insists there won't be a problem like that in New Berlin, where they've been making gradual changes to the menu.

"We knew these regulations were going to be happening for the past two years now," Jensen said.

And she hopes any complaints students in New Berlin have, will be minor:  "They're going to say 'hey didn't we get the big dinner roll as well as this.'  And I'm going to say, well now we have a little dinner roll."