Cudahy High School divided over yearbook memorials

Cudahy High School divided over yearbook memorials

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Sep 19, 2012 - UPDATED: Sep 19, 2012

CUDAHY- A decision involving life and death is dividing Cudahy High School.

Officials at Cudahy High School say the whole issue is about what's appropriate.  But students say it's hurtful to the memories of those who have died tragically.

Cudahy High School senior Sarah Conn misses her twin sister Katie, who committed suicide last year.

"She was a crazy, wild person. She loved life, she loved school, she loved her friends and her family," said Sarah Conn.

The high school's yearbook committee wanted to include a special memorial to Katie, and another student that took his own life.  But school officials said such a page would not be a good fit.

Cudahy Superintendent Jim Heiden sent out a letter, saying the district originally did not allow memorial pages for students who died due to destructive decisions.  Sarah and other students were mortified.

"They're discriminating against their death," believes Sarah Conn.

Now the school said they want to meet with the yearbook staff this week, to come up with a way to focus on the person, and not the actions surrounding the death.

Meantime, Sarah and other students are circulating a petition, which they plan to present at a school board meeting next month -- arguing that people like her sister should be remembered unconditionally.