Deputy Aleman distracted before fatal crash on I-43, according to new report

Deputy Aleman distracted before fatal crash on I-43, according to new report

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Sep 18, 2012 - UPDATED: Sep 18, 2012

MILWAUKEE- A Milwaukee County Sheriff's deputy who was killed in a crash while on duty, was not paying attention while driving, according to a new report.

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy Sergio Aleman slammed into the back a tow truck while on I-43 in July.

The Wisconsin State Patrol investigated and determined Deputy Aleman was going 63 miles per hour when he crashed into the back of that truck.

Traffic on I-43 stopped, but for some reason the deputy didn't react.

Also, Deputy Aleman wasn't wearing his seat belt when he clipped the back of the flat bed, passed the truck and eventually crashed into the median.

The tow truck driver told investigators "I braced for an impact and he then hit me."

The Wisconsin State Patrol found no evidence of mechanical problems or any indication Aleman was distracted by the car radio or computer devices.

But they did find his personal cell phone at the scene.

The state patrol tried to get access to the phone data to determine whether he was texting or talking.  Aleman's wife refused saying,  "I don't want that all downloaded."

Investigators did not press further.

According to the report, Aleman's family said he was working a lot of hours on the job at a rental property and he was tired a lot.  According to the report, "the exact reason may never be known" why Aleman crashed.

TODAY'S TMJ4 checked into Aleman's hours, and in one pay period in July he worked 107 hours, that's 13 days with only one day off.  His family has not spoken publicly, but in the report they say he loved his job.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said he would like Deputy Aleman to rest in peace and will let his family grieve in peace.