Sheboygan half-marathon future still unclear

Sheboygan half-marathon future still unclear

By Cody Holyoke. CREATED Aug 29, 2012

SHEBOYGAN - A proposed road race faces another hurdle.

City leaders are pressing the owner of 'Rapid Running' for more information.  The event company hopes to host a race in the city October 13, but -- according to city staffers -- it does not have its paperwork in order.

Rapid Running is still taking registration money from runners, despite City Hall's calls for competitors to stop paying.

Sheboygan officials pressed the company for the required paperwork, giving owner David Mason until Tuesday to complete applications for the event. Late Tuesday, he did send in some information.

Now, leaders are worried about how Rapid Running will reimburse the city for police protection and barricades along the race's route.

"We're going to want some kind of assurances that we're gonna be paid for the services to put this thing on," said Chad Pelishek, the city's development director.

David Mason tells TODAY'S TMJ4 by email,"The event will be a major success in Sheboygan, and we anticipate the city to assist on the event's success."

Wednesday afternoon, city leaders held a closed door conference call with Mason. The city's mayor, police chief, clerk, and administrator were in attendance, explaining to Mason they need more information.

The city set a price for the company for services  Officials tell TODAYS TMJ4's Mason will revisit his budget.  Leaders, however, are not optimistic.

"From a guy that does this, it appears there's not a lot of organization," Pelishek said.

Rapid Running now has until Friday to get everything completed and sent to City Hall.

Again, leaders are still urging runners to stop signing up until they can ensure the event will take place.