Standing ovation, deafening cheers for Sikh community at Milwaukee rally

Standing ovation, deafening cheers for Sikh community at Milwaukee rally

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Aug 20, 2012 - UPDATED: Aug 20, 2012

MILWAUKEE- A huge show of support Monday night on Milwaukee's south side for the Sikh community, more than two weeks after the temple massacre.

TODAY'S TMJ4's Annie Scholz reports that a standing ovation and deafening cheers were heard as members of the Sikh temple arrived at a community event in their honor.

"It's pretty amazing," said Kanwardeep Singh Kaleka, whose uncle was killed in the August 5 massacre.

People of all backgrounds, races, and religions packed the Faith Builders International Ministries on the south side to listen to speakers and performers, including singer Danny Gokey.

"Yeah, it's very impressive," said supporter Matt Knilans.

But the message from each and every person in the room, was the same.

"We are all human, their God is one," said Oak Creek Sikh temple secretary Inderjeet Singh Dhillon.  "There's only just a different name."

"No matter what the race, no matter what the religion, we're all here together on this earth, and we need to support each other," said Jean Whitstone.

And even though it's been two weeks since the massacre, the hope is that the support won't stop anytime soon.

"The local community has shown a tremendous amount of love.  We just hope that it grows from here.  This is a starting point for growth all over the world," said Kaleka.

Reverend Jesse Jackson was supposed to attend, but had a scheduling conflict.

Members of the Sikh community said they were grateful for everyone who made it out Monday night.