Milwaukee police confiscate 70-pound alligator from south side home

Milwaukee police confiscate 70-pound alligator from south side home

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Aug 15, 2012 - UPDATED: Aug 15, 2012

We have photos, courtesy of Milwaukee police, of the alligator and the police investigation in a photo gallery.

MILWAUKEE- Milwaukee police made a strange discovery inside a south side home: an alligator.

And we're not talking about some little reptile.  This is a 70 pound beast!

That gator has been confiscated, and is resting comfortably inside the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control (MADAC) shelter.

Though his owners are already trying to get him back.

Wally the alligator, at 5 feet long and 70 pounds may look harmless, but you wouldn't want to reach inside to pet him.

"Of course (Wally the alligator) is dangerous," said MADAC's John McDowell to TODAY'S TMJ4.

Leslie and her daughter Jessica watched as police pulled the gator from their neighbor's house.  They heard rumors it was living next door, but to see it -- was terrifying.

The gator's owners didn't want to talk with TODAY'S TMJ4.  At one point they insisted TODAY'S TMJ4 had the wrong house.

Milwaukee police sent TODAY'S TMJ4 photos of the gator in his unnatural habitat.

Something John McDowell says is more common than you'd think.

"It's kind of interesting.  Because we may not see one for two, three or four months. And then all of the sudden in a month's time we'll get three or four of them," said McDowell.

Wally's owners have already called MADAC trying to get him back.  But McDowell says Milwaukee police have put a hold on the gator.

If they really want him back -- they may have to take the city to court.