Two young kids called heroes for saving countless lives during temple shooting

Two young kids called heroes for saving countless lives during temple shooting

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Aug 8, 2012 - UPDATED: Aug 8, 2012

OAK CREEK- We've heard the heartbreaking stories of the six victims.

Now we're hearing from two children who helped saved countless lives.

At just 9 and 11-years-old, the two children have witnessed something no one should ever see.

And yet still, in that time of crisis, they knew exactly what to do.  Their actions now being considered heroic.  "I felt scared and I thought this would never happen especially in front of a temple," said Amanat Singh.

Amanat Singh will never forget her 9th birthday -- a day that quickly turned tragic.  "All of a sudden we heard a shot," recalled Amanat Singh.

Amanat and her brother Abhay were playing outside their temple while her parents went to the store to pick up a few extra things for her party.

That's when they heard the bang.  "Which we thought was fireworks," said Amanat Singh.  "But we saw the guy reloading his gun and shooting two people who were getting to their car."

The two young children witnessed Wade Page's violent rampage.  "We saved 16 people," said Amanat Singh.

"As soon as he reloaded we just ran inside to warn everybody there's a shooter outside so nobody else gets hurts," said Abhay Singh.

They told everyone in the kitchen -- who thought it was a joke.

"Then after they heard it again when he came inside and shot a person they believed us," said Abhay Singh.

Abhay and his sister crammed into a small pantry with more than a dozen others.  "One lady she grabbed our hand to put us in first then they put to grown ups in front of us," described Abhay Singh.

The pantry door has no lock so the people upfront held the door shut with their hands.

While inside they heard Page shooting other people.

"Everybody was scared and they got their phones and were calling 9-1-1," said Abhay Singh.

They had to keep their voices low for fear the shooter might hear them as he passed the kitchen.

It took hours before the children were able to be reunited with their parents.  "Three hours of waiting for them it was like three centuries," said their emotional father Benny Singh.

But once law enforcement secured the scene and Page was dead, the kids saw their parents at a nearby bowling alley.

The two are known as heroes for alerting everyone inside.  "They actually told our mom because of her kids we are all saved," said Abhay Singh.

Amanat and Abhay's parents are now doing everything they can to bring a sense of normalcy back into their lives.

They will attend Friday's funeral in hopes of closure to move on.

Meanwhile, organizers are preparing for several thousand people to attend Friday's visitation for the six shooting victims from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Oak Creek High School gymnasium.