Oak Creek trying to start healing process following temple shooting

Oak Creek trying to start healing process following temple shooting

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Aug 8, 2012

OAK CREEK- The temple massacre left all of us in shock, and Oak Creek is determined to start the healing process.

Melissa Gutkowski, the director at Learning Edge Childcare & Preschool, rushed to her workplace Sunday after hearing about the temple shooting across the street.

"It was surreal," said Gutkowski.  "The parking lot was completely filled with media and families from the temple."

The area around the Learning Edge is now crowded with satellite trucks and camera crews, reports TODAY'S TMJ4's Shelley Walcott.

On Monday, many of the center's families just didn't show up.  "Some of them did stay home," said Gutkowski.

It's part of the impact the temple tragedy has had on normally quiet Oak Creek.

Law enforcement officials are out in force along Howell Avenue and right next to the temple at 7512 South Howell Avenue.

Security is still posted at the Oak Creek Business Park.  A police officer stationed at the entrance checks the identification of everyone passing through.

And at many nearby businesses, people aren't showing up at all.

"It's a lot quieter, business is down a little... Namely with the street, when it was closed," said Nancy Mildebrandt, a clerk at Cigars Center.

Oak Creek's School District has stationed grief counselors at school registrations.

And the mayor posted a message on Oak Creek's web page, insisting the south side suburb will not be defined by this tragedy.