Survivors of Sikh temple shooting describe horrific, frightening scene

Survivors of Sikh temple shooting describe horrific, frightening scene

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Aug 6, 2012 - UPDATED: Aug 6, 2012

OAK CREEK- We know more Monday night about how this tragedy played out inside the Oak Creek Sikh temple, and we're hearing it from the survivors themselves.

Narinder Boparai pulled into the Sikh temple's parking lot before Sunday services, and watched Wade Page shoot and kill her priest.

"I thought maybe they were talking, but they did not talk. He just started shooting," said Boparai to TODAY'S TMJ4.  "I'm scared, all my body is shaking. I couldn't drive to home."

The scene inside the temple was just as terrifying.

At first, Kulwant Kaur didn't believe it when a boy told her what was happening.

"He said don't look outside, somebody's shooting then I pick up the phone right away (and called) 9-1-1."

She was with about 16 other people, when one of them was shot in the foot.  They ran to the pantry, using their own body weight to barricade themselves against a door that had no lock. 

Amid the fear, she frantically texted her daughter.

"I said don't come, somebody call her, you call police, please somebody help," said a shaken Kulwant Kaur.

As she fled the building, she saw her 84-year-old father-in-law dead near the temple's front door.

Harbans Singh was in the dining hall when he saw the gunman.  "I (saw) the guy having his gun pointed at the lady in the kitchen, he fired."

Singh ran to the basement.  By the time he made it out, the shooter was already down.

"Handcuffed, lying on the floor about five or six feet from me. He died in front of me," recalled Singh.

They're all harrowing accounts of what happened Sunday.

Now left to authorities to piece together.

"Between statements and with the evidence and some video we possibly can obtain from that, it should give us a pretty good idea of what happened," said Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards.

We are also learning more about the officer who shot and killed Page.  The Associated Press is reporting that officer is Sam Lenda, a 32 year veteran of the force.

Chief John Edwards told TODAY'S TMJ4's Annie Scholz the gun was bought at The Shooter's Shop in West Allis.  The gun is a Springfield XP 9 mm that was purchased legally.