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Growing concerns regarding huge gasoline spill in Washington County

Growing concerns regarding huge gasoline spill in Washington County

By Charles Benson. CREATED Jul 30, 2012

TOWN OF JACKSON- Residents should find out Tuesday if more than 70 wells are contaminated, and if the state will issue a health advisory.

For now residents are anxious and will be armed with lots of questions for Tuesday night's town hall meeting.

"We are scared," said homeowner Jane Greseth.

She's not only worried about the water she uses for her beautiful flower gardens, but the water she uses every day.  She lives less than a quarter mile from the gasoline spill.

She feels the company responsible for the July 17 leak hasn't been upfront about the problem.

TODAY'S TMJ4's Charles Benson: "So you don't know if your water is safe to drink at all?"
Jane Greseth: "Not at all, not at all!"

More than a dozen homes in Jane's neighborhood are waiting to find out if there wells are contaminated.

Neighbors did get a notice of a town hall meeting Tuesday night with West Shore Pipeline.  The company dropped off a questions and answers sheet Monday evening about the spill.

Jane will be at the meeting with a list of questions and requests. For starters, she wants a water filtration system installed and long term monitoring.

"I am concerned for the families for the animals, the farm fields and our children," said Greseth.

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