Some wells are contaminated in Jackson


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Some wells are contaminated in Jackson

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Jul 28, 2012

JACKSON, Wis. - There is a health concern unfolding in the town of Jackson.

People living near the pipeline break have been drinking the well water for days.
On Saturday, officials went door to door, advising residents that there could potentially be a problem with their well water, following that pipeline break.
Tammy Tetzlaff who lives a quarter mile from the leak is one of them.
Officials say some nearby wells have tested positive for the known carcinogen, Benzene.
It has been nearly two weeks since the spill and residents want to know why it has taken so long for this notification.
Patrick Hodgins with West Shore Pipe Line tells Today's TMJ4 that you never really know how big the spill is, and you just have to keep deliniating the soil.
Today's TMJ4's Todd Hicks reports.
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