Manpower says Metro Milwaukee job outlook is best in America

Manpower says Metro Milwaukee job outlook is best in America

By Michelle Richards and Jay Sorgi. CREATED Jun 12, 2012 - UPDATED: Jun 12, 2012

MILWAUKEE - The employment outlook in the Metro Milwaukee area is the best in the nation, according to the latest survey by Manpower.

The report says employers plan to be hire at a "bullish" pace next quarter. 

31 percent of the companies Manpower interviewed said they plan to hire from July through September, while just two percent expect to reduce staff.

"It's pretty good. I'll take it," said Manpower Vice President Melanie Holmes on Newsradio 620 WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News."

"To be in the 30's, that's good.  Now, we want to make sure that we sustain it.  Doing it for one quarter doesn't necessarily make it a trend."

Another 62 percent of employers say they'll maintain current employment levels, and five percent were not sure what their hiring plans are.

Some of the areas with the best job outlook include construction, manufacturing, transportation, education and health services, and government.

Holmes cites growth in the manufacturing sector as perhaps the biggest reason for the positive job outlook in metro Milwaukee.

"My hunch is that manufacturing seems to be coming back in the Milwaukee area and in Wisconsin, and manufacturing is one of the strong industries on a national basis as well."

Click here for the complete Manpower outlook for metropolitan Milwaukee.

Holmes also says that the outlook is positive for the nation - but not to the high level Milwaukee is expected to see.

"The confidence among U.S. employers continues to improve.  Every state, every region and every industry reports a positive employment outlook," said Holmes.

"The numbers are just inching up.  We're going up like one percentage point at a time."