New poll shows Governor's race tightening

New poll shows Governor's race tightening

By Jon Byman. CREATED Jun 4, 2012 - UPDATED: Jun 4, 2012

MILWAUKEE - With a day to go until the recall election a poll from a left leaning organization shows the race tightening. 

The poll from Public Policy Polling finds Governor Walker with a 50-47 percent lead.  The 3-point margin is closer than another poll from Marquette University, out last week, showing Walker leading Barrett by 7-points, 52-45. 

Barrett told Today's TMJ4 that he's pleased with the results.

"Last week they had seven points.  And we knew that there was gonna be a surge, now it's down to three points," said Barrett.

Walker says he always knew it would be a close race. 

"And so now we're at a point, where it's time to come to vote, so we're hoping people will stay focused on the issues. We want to move forward, we don't want to go backwards," said Walker.

The pollsters write, "It's cliche but this is a race that really is going to completely come down to turnout."

It appears the GOP may be more fired up than the left.  According to PPP, "The reason [Barrett] continues to trail overall is that Republicans are more excited about voting in Tuesday's election than Democrats are."

The poll was an automated phone poll taken over the weekend.  It surveyed 1,226 likely voters.  The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.

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