Mayor Barrett's wife violated MPS policy for sending politically charged emails

Mayor Barrett's wife violated MPS policy for sending politically charged emails

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED May 14, 2012

MILWAUKEE- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's wife is under fire for sending campaign emails -- allegedly when she was an MPS teacher.

MPS acknowledges that Mayor Barrett's wife Kris sent out politically charged emails from her MPS account, something they say violates their ethic code.

"I am writing to 'officially' ask you to vote against Governor Walker's repair bill," said an email coming from Kris Barrett's MPS email account in February 2011.
The conservative group Media Trackers obtained emails from Kris Barrett's time at Dover Street School, she now works at a school in Wauwatosa.
"They are going to try to drag my wife into this, I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to drag my kids into this," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.  "They will do anything they can because they are fighting for their life because Scott Walker knows he cannot defend his record."
MPS sent this statement: "The emails sent from an MPS account appear to constitute a violation of our policies.  We did not become aware of the emails until after the employee was no longer working for Milwaukee Public Schools."
In another email, Kris Barrett allegedly asked to fight against Jeff Stone's run as county executive.
Mayor Tom Barrett defended his wife.  "My understanding is that there was one email out of gazillions that they sent out where she talked about a rally in the county executive race last year.  There was nothing in there that had to do with this race whatsoever," said Tom Barrett.
Governor Walker admitted he's aware of the emails, but says families should not be targets in an election.  "I've only heard about it, particularly with someone's spouse, I don't care to comment until I know the specifics.  I'll leave that up to her," said Walker.

MPS officials say because Kris Barrett is no longer working at the district and no further action will be taken.