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Citizen Action visits Milwaukee churches, knocks on doors


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Citizen Action visits Milwaukee churches, knocks on doors

By Tom Murray and The WTMJ News Team. CREATED May 13, 2012

MILWAUKEE - An organization that has been very vocal against Governor Walker insists it is running a non-partisan effort to get out the vote.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin has actually endorsed Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett for governor.

The group visited 10 churches on Mother's Day.

"They say that we try to tell you to vote for somebody, but I'm not telling you to vote for anybody," says Pastor Greg Lewis. "I'm just telling you to vote."

They're not mentioning any party or candidate, but say they just want people to vote.

"It's important for them to vote simply because they need to be a part of decision making," says Bethesda Baptist Church Pastor Robert Sims.

However, Citizen Action has spoken out against Governor Walker in the past. They even have a Walker Recall Countdown on their website.

"For Governor-elect Walker to give that money away to Illinois or New York, they both want it, is just the wrong thing to do right now," says Robert Kraig of Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

They insist this is a neutral effort to get out the vote, despite the group's political positions.