Wisconsin reacts to Obama's support of same-sex marriage

Wisconsin reacts to Obama's support of same-sex marriage

By Annie Scholz. CREATED May 9, 2012 - UPDATED: May 9, 2012

MILWAUKEE- President Obama is making history.  He's the first president to publically support same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage is illegal in Wisconsin, like it is in most states.  With the president's endorsement, gay rights advocates hope that changes.

Karina Willes and her partner Kami Young were thrilled at the news President Obama now supports gay couples getting married.  "We've been together for 11 years and that's longer than a lot of marriages," said Willes.  "I think it's a step in the right direction, definitely."

But the president isn't selling everybody on it.  "I think it's sheer politics," said Republican state Sen. Mary Lazich.  "Sheer politics to take attention away from failed stimulus, Obamacare floundering in the courts."

Others call it a desperate plea.  "Barack Obama is failing in the polls which is why he's going to the fringe issues like gay marriage, I think it's sad for our country," argued Republican Rep. Robin Vos.

Karina and Kami know they can't convince everyone.  "Some of those people who have the opinion 'it's not right' -- you're probably never going to convince them one way or another," explained Kami Young.

But they hope having the president's support may change a few more minds.  "We do the same things that everybody else does, we go through life, we pay our bills, you know we just want the same rights as other people," said Young.