Election officials warn of electioneering, double-voting at polls

Election officials warn of electioneering, double-voting at polls

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED May 8, 2012

MILWAUKEE - On a day where voters in Wisconsin are deciding the candidates for the gubernatorial recall general election, government election officials say that two main problems may be coming up up at the polls.

They involve people electioneering at the polls, and voters attempting to cast ballots in both the Democratic and Republican primaries for governor.

"You can circulate nomination papers for a candidate who is not on the ballot near a polling place," clarified Magney.

He said that people cannot put up a campaign sign that indicates whether someone is Republican or Democrat near the polls, but they can have a clipboard that mentions party affiliation.

Otherwise, Magney said to Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Michelle Richards on Tuesday morning that things at the polls were running "generally pretty well."

In the Milwaukee area, officials say voting has gone relatively smoothly so far.

Sue Edman, the director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, says the only issue she's heard so far is people trying to vote in both the Republican and Democratic primaries for governor.

"We've had to touch base with our poll workers and ask them to remind electors that they can only vote for one party in the race for Governor.  It's either Republican or it's Democrat."

Magney also reminded voters that they could only cast a ballot for a gubernatorial candidate in one party, not both.