Walker directly attacks Barrett on Wisconsin recall primary day

Walker directly attacks Barrett on Wisconsin recall primary day

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED May 8, 2012 - UPDATED: May 8, 2012

Click here to listen to Gov. Walker's interview with Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Charlie Sykes.

MILWAUKEE - While he was expected to win a GOP recall primary election against a protest candidate on Tuesday, Governor Scott Walker made a direct push against the candidate he expects to face in the general election on June 5th.

"Simply look at the difference between the City of Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin.  We're moving forward.  Do people really want to go backwards like we've seen in that city?  I don't think so," said Walker about his anticipated adversary, Milwaukee Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett.  Walker spoke on Newsradio 620 WTMJ's "Midday with Charlie Sykes."

"What I think is undercovered in this story...the past few weeks in the Democratic primary, Tom Barrett has essentially made almost all of the same promises to the unions, to the special interest groups that (former Dane County Executive) Kathleen Falk did.  The only difference is that she did it early and more transparently.  He's told them he's going to restore collective bargaining.  He's told them he's going to have that same old battle that was established last year....I think most people don't want to go backwards to what we've seen with either of those two candidates."

Barrett has a double-digit lead in most polls over Falk in most polls entering the recall primaries.

Walker said that in his mind, most people's election focus is more directly on June 5th, and not Tuesday's recall primaries.

"I think right now, most voters are already honed in on the general election.  There's a very slim number of undecided voters," said Walker.

"Starting tomorrow, people are going to hone in on the differences, not just the differences in the past, but are we going to move forward?"

Yet Walker made the claim that it was "incredibly important" for a large voter turnout Tuesday to give him a victory in the GOP recall primary.

"There are so many people who do not know there is a primary," said Walker.

"While I've never run into this guy running against us (protest candidate Arthur Kohl-Riggs), the reality is that if people come out for us, if they think 'I'm going to pick somebody on the Democrat side,' even anything less than a stellar turnout, there's trouble there.  People don't know there's a primary.  Protests are behind the protest candidate.  We want to make sure there's a good strong showing today.  More importantly, we want people to get pumped up and ready to vote on June 5th."