Braun, Rodgers team up on restaurant in Brookfield

Braun, Rodgers team up on restaurant in Brookfield

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED May 7, 2012 - UPDATED: May 7, 2012

MILWAUKEE - Two defending MVPs from two beloved Wisconsin sports teams are working together on a new restaurant in Brookfield.

Green Bay Packers quarterback and NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers is joining forces with Milwaukee Brewers slugger and National League MVP Ryan Braun to develop "8*twelve, an MVP Grill."

Organizers plan to open it up in June on West Bluemound Road, about a block west of Calhoun Road.

"It's going to be an All-American grill," said Omar Shaikh of the SURG restaurant group, which co-owns Ryan Braun's "Graffito."

"Sort of like an American grill, steakhouse, but kind of offers something for everybody."

According to Shaikh, Rodgers and Braun worked on the restaurant idea together.

"Aaron and Ryan talking, and a year ago, coming to me and saying 'Hey, we should do a restaurant called '8*twelve.'  They're very similar, two of the smartest guys I've ever met, full of class.'s an honor to do a restaurant with both of them."

“Wisconsin has the greatest fans in the country,” said Rodgers in a statement. “This is an excellent opportunity for me to work with Ryan on a project that will create something for fans of the Packers, Brewers and sports in general, to take part in and enjoy. 

“Aaron and I are not only great friends, but we both have whole-heartedly made long-term commitments to the sports fans of Wisconsin,” Braun added in the statement. “We wanted to give them a home base to celebrate their favorite teams and enjoy some great food and service.”

Will the two MVP's appear at the restaurant?

"They'll be there," said Shaikh, though he didn't specify how often.