Lake Express back in season

Standalone ferry - Lake Express Ferry port engineer, Russ Rutowski works on testing the engine systems in the bridge while docked on South Lincoln Memorial DriveÊin Milwaukee on Tuesday, May 1, 2012. The Lake Express Ferry's crew is preparing for the 2012 season, which sets sail this Friday, May 4, 2012. Photo by Mike De Sisti / MDESISTI@JOURNALSENTINEL.COM Image by Mike De Sisti

Lake Express back in season

By The Associated Press. CREATED May 6, 2012

MILWAUKEE - The high-speed ferry that connects Wisconsin and Michigan by water is up and running for the season.

The Lake Express started on Friday, making two to three trips daily between Milwaukee and Muskegon, Mich. This is the ninth season it's been running.

Its four engines produce a total of 12,000 horsepower, allowing it to reach a speed of 40 miles per hour. It makes a one-way trip in 2 1/2 hours.

The ferry runs through October.