Talk turns to recall election at Walker job announcement in Waukesha

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Talk turns to recall election at Walker job announcement in Waukesha

By Melissa McCrady and the Associated Press. CREATED May 2, 2012 - UPDATED: May 2, 2012

WAUKESHA - As a warm welcome came for Gov. Scott Walker at an announcement about new jobs at a Waukesha factory, talk turned to recall election politics.

"Government doesn't create jobs, people create jobs," Walker said at Spancrete in Waukesha, where 30 new jobs were announced.  The company is also recalling 55 to 60 laid-off workers.

The company went through many hardships, but they are in recovery mode.   The governor says the economic boost is similar to that of the state.

"We're turning things around.  We're headed in the right direction.  We're moving Wisconsin forward.  We're going to continue to do that," said Walker.

The announcement comes six days before the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall primary.  Whoever wins the Democratic side of the primary is expected to battle Walker for his job.

"To me, my opponent will be the tens of millions of dollars the out-of-state interests have spent in this state," Walker told TODAY'S TMJ4's Melissa McCrady.

However, recently released campaign finance reports show two-thirds of Walker's $13.2 million raised this year have come from out of state.

"This money has never been seen in Wisconsin before," said Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Graeme Zielinski.  "Governor Walker should be ashamed of himself."

Walker argues that the difference is his donors don't want anything in return, unlike what he claims Democratic donors want.

"The special interests are investing money on their behalf because they want something in return.  They want the state to go back to the days when a handful of big union bosses control things at the state and local level."

Walker says small businesses looking to hire are like teenagers at a pool party -- people stand around at first until a few brave souls take the plunge, and then others follow.

He says that's why he applauds announcements of even small job creation in the state. He says each company that's hiring is sending a message about how Wisconsin is a good place to do business.

Company president Alan Antoniewicz says the business climate seems to be steadying, and client projects that had been on hold are beginning to move forward.