Experts: Women could decide recall

Experts: Women could decide recall

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Apr 30, 2012

MADISON - All of the latest polls show it's a close race between the candidates for Governor.  With the recall primary election just about a week away, experts are saying this race could be determined by women; not just who they vote for, but how many women turn out to vote.

Kate McKey is a typical Wisconsin woman voter.  Whe's done her homework and has decided who she will cast her ballot for on Tuesday for the primary.

“I have."

Mckey says she's noticed a focus on women for this election.

"I think there's a lot of nationally, locally, they've been focusing on women a lot more, I have to say it's caught my attention," McKey said.

U-W Milwaukee Political Science Professor Mordecai Lee argues the parties have tried to get women on their side for the past few years.

"Women have been a focus of trying to persuade them to vote for a certain candidate, please vote Republican, please vote Democratic," Lee said.

He says there's a difference for this election.

"What we're seeing now in recall politics is not so much persuading people what their opinion should be, but persuading them to vote," Lee said.

Elisa Karbin says she will vote on Tuesday and hopes other women do as well.

I hope they do. I think it's important that women find their voice," Karbin said.

Rebecca Cope is one of those elusive undecided voters that both sides are trying to attract.

"They are all trying to get the votes, and I don't know if they are just saying what people want to hear.  I'm not sure who to listen to," Cope said.

Lee says voter turnout will be hard to guess ahead of time.  He says the more women that vote could benefit Democrats.