Groom dies three days after wedding


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Groom dies three days after wedding

By Nick Montes. CREATED Apr 27, 2012

OAK CREEK - Matthew Neu graduated from Oak Creek High School in 2004. Just last week he married the love of his life and days later tragedy hit.

"This is Matthew. His beautiful wife Kristi. Jennifer his cousin," Meredith Neu, Matthew’s sister says as she points to a family photo.

Meredith Neu holds onto family memories tight, especially since her younger brother Matthew's was life cut short at 26-years-old. "He was a great father, great brother, I love him and I'm going to miss him dearly,” Meredith says while crying.

Meredith presumes Matthew died from a heart attack Thursday, less than a week after he got married to the love of life Kristi. "They've been in love. I'm so happy they got married, so happy to have her a part of my family,”
she says.

Meredith says her brother was a stay at home dad who loved life and his daughters, one he shared with Kristi and her daughter from a previous relationship. "Took the girls out to the zoo. We'd go for walks, bikes rides,” Meredith says.

It's his girls and remembering the good times, Meredith says will help her family get through this tragic loss. "I just hope we can stay together. It's all we can do for these girls,” she says.

Meredith can't believe her best friend is gone. "I think that that's made me realize more how much family really means,” she says crying.

Services for Matthew Neu have not been finalized. But, his family has established an online fundraiser to help pay for funeral services. Here is the link to help the Neu family.