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Barrett, Falk explain their job creation plans

Barrett, Falk explain their job creation plans

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Apr 26, 2012

MADISON- Democrats continue critizing Governor Walker for the number of jobs lost since he took office.

Democrats argue this recall election is all about jobs, and a referendum on what Governor Walker has accomplished in the past year, pointing to the latest news that Wisconsin has had some of the worst job losses in the country.

Both of the top Democratic contenders in the recall race for governor are taking stabs at Governor Walker's performance on creating jobs.  "Governor Walker failed so miserably to produce jobs," spoke Kathleen Falk.   While Tom Barrett argues, "If people in Wisconsin are satisfied with being dead last with job production, they will reelect Scott Walker."

Kathleen Falk says she will run her playbook much like she did when she was Dane County executive -- by focusing on capping spending, and investing in infrastructure.  "I have the best record to go toe-to-toe with Scott Walker on June 5," proclaimed Falk.  "During my 14 years as Dane County head, we had the largest growth in the state."

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is focusing on clean energy jobs -- including plants that build wind turbines.  "As mayor, I have led the revitalization of the Menomonee Valley," said Barrett.  "Now, 4000 people have jobs where they can support their families."

Barrett also defended his record as mayor.

About 50 percent of black males in the city are unemployed, and the city's unemployment is about 3 percent higher than the state's.

Barrett blames those numbers on losses of businesses like Talgo -- the state ended the contract with the train company this spring.

"We had been successful in working with Talgo to create jobs, not only did the state not support us, but the state under Governor Walker's leadership terminated the contract," said Barrett.