Big homecoming for Germantown Marine


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Big homecoming for Germantown Marine

By Tom Murray and The WTMJ News Team. CREATED Apr 22, 2012

GERMANTOWN - A Germantown Marine is home after a tour of duty in America's longest war.

It was an emotional day for a family that's been through this before.

Neighbors, family and friends lined Magnolia Drive in Germantown for a Marine just back from the front lines. A well-deserved hero's welcome for 20-year-old Cody Crangle, a 2010 Menomenee Falls High School graduate.

"All the green," Crangle says. "It's green everywhere. We were just surrounded by desert, so now seeing green is awesome."

He's now back with fiance and high school sweetheart Kaitlyn.

"The worst things possible," Kaitlyn says of her thoughts while Cody was gone. "You hear everything on the news and in the newspapers and you just pray for the best."

Cody saw war's worst during his eight-month Afghanistan deployment. He fought as a combat Marine and served as a bomb-detecting dog handler.

"My dog, she's back in North Carolina now," Crangle says.

"I wish she came with me. She's the other love of my life."

The Crangle family has been through this before. Their older son Cheyn served a tour in Iraq in 2006.

"Having two Marines in the family," Cody's mom, Linda Crangle, says. "So, so proud of them. But, it's also very hard and it's very scary."

Crangle is due back at Camp Pendleton in San Diego in a few weeks. He'll likely be deployed again, but hasn't been told when or where.