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Germantown High School teacher charged with having sex with student

Germantown High School teacher charged with having sex with student

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Apr 20, 2012 - UPDATED: Apr 20, 2012

GERMANTOWN- Charges have been filed against a Germantown High School teacher accused of having sex with one of his students.

According to prosecutors -- rumors were flying around the school, and those rumors have grown into felony charges.

It was in a house on Milwaukee's far northwest side where investigators believe a teacher betrayed the public's trust.

29-year-old Eric Glass is charged with three counts of sexual abuse of a student.

That student -- a 17-year-old at Germantown High School, where Glass worked as her teacher.

Across the street from Eric Glass' home -- a neighbor with a 17-year-old daughter of her own wonders what the victim was thinking.  "Things can be a challenge for them at that age," said the neighbor.  "And everybody makes their own mistakes and learns from it."

According to the criminal complaint -- Glass and the girl "were seen kissing and dancing together during a concert" at a Milwaukee club. 

Glass then drove the victim back to her parent's house.  Then, the girl drove her own vehicle back to Glass' home -- where they had sex.

Eric Glass shared his house with another man.  In a brief, off-camera conversation, he claimed to know nothing about what happened.

Eric Glass is still in jail.

Each of the three counts could bring a six year prison sentence.