Chief Flynn to address media Friday about controversial OWI arrest

Chief Flynn to address media Friday about controversial OWI arrest

By Annie Scholz & WTMJ News Team. CREATED Apr 19, 2012 - UPDATED: Apr 20, 2012

You can watch Chief Ed Flynn's entire interview with reporters on Thursday under Associated Videos

MILWAUKEE- Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn is expected to speak to the media at 5 p.m. Friday at the Police Administration Building with an update to the investigation surrounding a controversial arrest on Thursday, April 12, according to a press release by MPD spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz.

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee County district attorney's office told TODAY'S TMJ4, "We just began reviewing the case today, but it will be a couple weeks before we reach a decision because we are in the process of collecting additional information."

Milwaukee's police chief spoke out for the first time Thursday about the arrest of Jeffrey Strasser -- where an MPD officer punched him in the head during an arrest on N. Water St. and E. Juneau Ave. last week.

"What I ask the public not to do is leap to judgment," said Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn.  "We certainly recognize that this use of force has gotten an unprecedented amount of scrutiny from the public and we understand why."

The video is graphic -- an officer punching Jeff Strasser in the head after a drunk driving stop last Thursday night. The chief admits it doesn't look good.  "The use of force is seldom pretty, it's not a pleasant thing to use force," said Flynn.

But it is allowed by law, if used appropriately.  Whether or not it was in this case is still under investigation.

"We can slow the film down we can play it backwards we can look at it from four different directions, it's not always an easy thing simply from the film, and so we have to interview people and take testimony and follow through and that's what we're engaged in," asserted Flynn.

And if that follow through takes too long for some people, Flynn says, too bad.  "They want a half hour resolution that they might be used to on a television fiction show, but we have an obligation to the defendant and the charges, we have an obligation to the officer involved, we have an obligation to the community," argued Flynn.

Flynn did not talk about the officer involved in that incident, or what his status is with the department right now.  He simply said after they go through all the facts of this case, they'll talk about it when the time is right.