Council president Hines confident in MPD investigation of controversial arrest

Council president Hines confident in MPD investigation of controversial arrest

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Apr 18, 2012 - UPDATED: Apr 18, 2012

MILWAUKEE- Several questions remain surrounding MPD's controversial arrest last Thursday of an OWI suspect on N. Water St. and E. Juneau Ave.

Video of the incident shows a Milwaukee police sergeant striking a man twice as the officer tried to arrest the suspected drunk driver in downtown Milwaukee. 

Milwaukee Common Council President Willie Hines says we should not rush to judgment.  "Of course no one ever wants to see a suspect being arrested or accosted by a police officer especially when they're using force," said Hines.  "Again we don't know additionally what was happening on the other side of the car, whether the individual was kicking or whether or he was doing something with his arms."

Hines has confidence Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and the department will get to bottom of the concerns. "Policing is not an easy job we expect them to act professionally and 9 times out of 10 they do," said Hines.

MPD says Jeffrey Strasser resisted arrest after the 39-year-old nearly ran over people in a parking lot on Water St. in a black Lamborghini.  The department says these were focused strikes.

Aside from a short statement, the Milwaukee police department has stayed quiet.  Police say they are still collecting facts about the case.

Chief Flynn released a statement saying, "MPD is conducting a review ...The conclusions will be shared at an appropriate time."

People from Milwaukee are weighing on the controversial arrest.  "We don't know what he was doing we only see the officer hitting him so there must be a reason why he hit him in my opinion," said concerned citizen Amandria Brunner.  "He should say what the circumstances were.  What's going on.  Let the people know why the officer did that or why he took those measures."

As of now, Strasser has not been charged for drunk driving.  The district attorney is expected to start reviewing the case against Strasser by the end of the week.