Priority for new Milwaukee County Board chair: create 'positive unity'

Marina Dimitrijevic. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Priority for new Milwaukee County Board chair: create 'positive unity'

By Michelle Richards and Jay Sorgi. CREATED Apr 17, 2012

MILWAUKEE - Less than 24 hours on the job, we're hearing from the new Milwaukee County Board chairwoman. 

Marina Dimitrijevic told Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Jay Sorgi that her first priority is to create "make sure we have positive unity moving forward because we have challenges ahead of us."

"One of the first things I have to deal with is important committee assignments.  I know it's what everybody talks about, but we will begin this week building our team.  I'll be meeting with every single supervisor to go over what they're interested in."

Dimitrijevic says her other priorities include working on the board's relationship with other municipalities, and improving the county's transit system, parks, and mental health system.

"We need dedicated funding (for transit).  We need to remove it from the property taxes.  When it comes to parks, we have quite a huge bill of deferred maintenance...we really need to turn things around and invest in possible revenue producers in the parks."

She also tells us she'll be traveling around the county to get more direct feedback from taxpayers.

"I will be going to every municipality as the chair.  It's going be called 'Chat With the Chair,' kind of a town hall-style meeting."