Man alleges illegal searches at his house by Milwaukee Police


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Man alleges illegal searches at his house by Milwaukee Police

By Jermont Terry and The WTMJ News Team. CREATED Apr 15, 2012

MILWAUKEE - An internal investigation involving Milwaukee Police officers is entering its fourth week.

Up to this point, most of the complaints have involved illegal strip searches. But, different allegations are now surfacing. Now, we're hearing from a man who claims those cops also violated the 4th amendment by illegally searching his house.

Several knocks to his back door sent Marvin Ealy to check things out.

"I opened the door and looked to see who was at backdoor and I said who ya'll looking for," says Ealy. "They said anybody in the house. I said who specifically are you looking for and that's when they kicked the door in."

Officers from District 5 broke down the back door and forced their way inside.

"When I heard the kick, I went back here and I closed this door," says Ealy. "They came in with guns and said get down, get down."

A police log shows back on February 29th, 2012, nine officers came to Ealy's house. The sergeant on the scene was Jason Mucha. Mucha is the same supervisor at the center of this month-long District 5 internal investigation and the John Doe investigation at the DA's office.

Ealy says the officers didn't have a warrant, though he claims that didn't stop them from searching his house for close to three hours.

"They broke the law because we weren't doing anything," says Ealy. "They said you have a ticket from 2004 and if you keep talking we're going to take you to jail for that ticket."

And Ealy kept complaining, so the officers eventually arrested Ealy for the 2004 ticket worth $338. After paying the fine, he filed a complaint with the Professional Performance Division. It's still unclear which complaint sparked the investigation, but the same week Ealy complaned, eight officers from District 5 were stripped of their police powers and the investigation started.

Officers didn't find anything in Ealy's house.

Just last week, Chief Ed Flynn re-asserted his committment to a thorough investigation.

"Again we just ask for forbearance this is something we are expeditiously moving on," said Flynn. 

There's no timetable for the probe.