St. Lawrence house catches fire, kills dogs

St. Lawrence house catches fire, kills dogs

By Michele Fiore and Mary Franzen . CREATED Apr 14, 2012


ST. LAWRENCE, Wis. - Firefighters say a woman living in a house along Highway 175 was on vacation this weekend when a fire broke out in her residence Saturday afternoon. However, five to ten dogs perished in the fire.

A man and his 16 year old son discovered the fire due to smoke coming from the house. The 16 year old, concerned that the homeowner and her pets were still inside, pushed his way into the home. He was able to save two dogs from the house. 

Chief Gary Karnitz says the woman's daughter had visited the home Friday night and burned some garbage out back. Before she left, she extinguished it with a garden hose. 

But, by 2 pm Saturday, embers started a fire in the house, and in a marshy area behind the house.

St. Lawrence firefighters had a tough time extinguishing the blaze according to Karnitz. 

It took more than two hours to put it out, but ultimately, firefighters were able to contain the fire to the house and save 10 more dogs from the flames. 

Karnitz  says the house is a total loss and the sheriff's department  is investigating possible animal neglect in this case.