Tea partiers take over Madison

Tea partiers take over Madison

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Apr 14, 2012

MADISON - "Don't Believe the Liberal Media."

That's just one sign Tea Party ralliers hold Saturday as they gathered outside the State Capitol.

Thousands showed up including former Newsradio 620 WTMJ Radio commentator James T. Harris, who told the crowd, "No matter what the left throws at us we still stand strong in this state."

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch also spoke to tea party supporters Saturday, saying moms "do the toughest work in America."

Kleefisch complimented Governor Scott Walker's decisions saying, "We are on a very clear path in this state and it's the road less traveled."

Kleefisch faces a June 5th recall election.

Two talk-radio show hosts also appeared at the rally, including Dana Loesch and Vicki McKenna.

In addition, one of the original founders of the Racine Tea Party attended the Madison rally.

Lora Halberstadt said, "The media and others have tried to distort our message. But the truth is we just want common-sense solutions to our nation's biggest problems. Our children need to have a bright future not burdened by national debt."



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