South Shore Beach could be moved farther south

South Shore Beach could be moved farther south

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Apr 13, 2012 - UPDATED: Apr 13, 2012

BAY VIEW- If you take a stroll along South Shore Beach in Bay View, you'll see more than just sand.  TODAY'S TMJ4 found garbage and other waste.  Milwaukee County is considering doing something about it -- packing it up, and putting it somewhere else.

Bottle caps, cigarette butts -- they're just some of what TODAY'S TMJ4 found on South Shore Beach Friday night.

Brad Marschke works with a service learning project through UWM.  He's seen plenty of what humans and animals leave behind.  "We come down here and clean it up, work with it do sampling and see what's going on," said Brad Marschke.  "It is pretty common to see that stuff on the ground we've actually seen a couple of dead birds too."

Part of the problem is the beach's location, and how the current carries waste to the area. So the county may work its way around that.

The idea is to move the beach about 100 yards farther south, on the other side of a stone jetty in order to give some added protection against what washes up on shore.  It would also move the beach farther from other man made hazards.

"There's definitely fuel discharge in the water, it would be good to be a little further away from the marina," said Brad Marschke.

The new location would have to be leveled and covered with sand.  But if it helps, beach-goers like Marschke are all for it.  "We use it when the summer comes, we like to be out here."

$80,000 is going toward studying this.  Ultimately, the county board of supervisors would have to make the call on whether to spend the extra money to do it.