Musician Mellencamp unhappy with Gov. Walker

Musician Mellencamp unhappy with Gov. Walker

By the Associated Press. CREATED Apr 12, 2012

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Musician John Mellencamp wants Republican Governor Scott Walker to know that he supports collective bargaining and union rights. Mellencamp says Walker should know that before using his song "Small Town" on the campaign trail.

Mellencamp's publicist Bob Merlis told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Mellencamp wanted him to reach out to Walker. The purpose was not to ask him to stop using the song, but to inform Walker of Mellencamp's liberal beliefs.

Merlis says that is a standing policy of Mellencamp's whenever a politician uses one of his songs. Merlis says he became aware Walker was using "Small Town" after reading a news story about a campaign stop Tuesday in Milwaukee.

Walker's campaign spokesman did not immediately return a message seeking comment Wednesday.