Pro-Trayvon Martin rallies held in Milwaukee as murder charge was filed

Pro-Trayvon Martin rallies held in Milwaukee as murder charge was filed

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Apr 11, 2012 - UPDATED: Apr 11, 2012

MILWAUKEE- The controversy surrounding the Trayvon Martin shooting sparked protests nationwide; that includes several pro-Trayvon rallies here in Milwaukee.

Many people TODAY'S TMJ4 spoke with Wednesday were shocked the special prosecutor went with such a serious charge of second-degree murder against neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.  They believe authorities are answering the call for justice.

Escorted by police, George Zimmerman turned himself in to authorities, the latest move in a month and a half long firestorm from people demanding legal action.

Oshi Adelabu is part of the 'Coalition for Justice for Trayvon Martin', mobilizing support at Milwaukee rallies and keeping a close eye on any developments in the case.  "We must pull together, because the people united will never be defeated," spoke Adelabu.  "I didn't think it would be a murder charge.  I thought it would be manslaughter, so I'm hoping that her charge will be substantiated by a conviction."

Watching press conferences with coalition members by his side, Adelabu told TODAY'S TMJ4 he was hoping Zimmerman would face a first degree murder charge.

"He stalked him. He labeled him. He saw him as a black kid in the neighborhood, and he said, 'they always get away with this, basically saying, 'they're not going to get away with it this time,'" said Adelabu.

As civil rights leaders react to the news, the movement for Martin takes a pause -- watching, and waiting for a verdict.  But that's still far away and the work doesn't end now.

"We continue to pray for Trayvon Martin's family," asserted Adelabu.  "We want to see justice for them.  So we're going to stay on the case until the justice is rendered, but it doesn't stop there.  There are many other cases we need to shed light to."

Groups supporting Trayvon Martin's cause plan to fight legislation -- like the 'stand your ground law' in Florida, even the Castle Doctrine here in Wisconsin, while they wait for Zimmerman's trial to play out.