Legal challenge filed with GAB over protest candidates

Legal challenge filed with GAB over protest candidates

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Apr 11, 2012

MADISON- A legal challenge has been filed against Republicans running protest candidates in statewide recall races.

Attorney Jeremy Levinson, who represented the recall committees filed the challenge with the Government Accountability Board -- arguing the protest candidates are committing fraud.

Six candidates running in the recall elections as Democrats, aren't exactly as they appear.  Mequon resident Gladys Huber is active in the Republican Party, but is running against Governor Scott Walker.

"Protest candidates have submitted enough signatures in all six recall races and will be on the ballot in May and in June," said Ben Sparks, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

But that has some liberal groups, like We Are Wisconsin, up in arms.  "The problem is the people in the districts have a right to fair representation," said Kristen Crowell, executive director of We Are Wisconsin.  "We don't believe anyone should break the law in order to get their own agenda back."

We Are Wisconsin claims these candidates are committing fraud by swearing under oath on their nomination papers that they will represent the Democratic Party, because many of those candidates are active in the Republican Party.

Because of the pending legal challenge, the GAB would not go on camera, but says Wisconsin has an open primary with no screening process.

The group One Wisconsin Now also filed a complaint with the GAB last week to prevent the protest candidates from getting on the ballot.

The Government Accountability Board will take up the issue of fake candidates at their meeting next Tuesday.