Franklin bomb scare suspect charged

Franklin bomb scare suspect charged

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Apr 4, 2012

MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee County District Attorney's office has charged a 17-year-old boy from Milwaukee with bringing about a bomb scare that led to cancellation of classes at Franklin High School.

Ross Menken faces one count of a bomb scare.  If he is convicted, he faces as much as three years and six months in prison.

According to the criminal complaint, a custodian said that he found the words "NO SCHOOL TOMORROW...BOOM...BOMB" (with an arrow pointing upwards above the word bomb) on the wall of a bathroom stall inside Franklin High.

The custodian made the discovery on Thursday, March 29.

The complaint says that police found footage revealing a student carrying a backpack into the bathroom, which is against school policy.

Additionally, the complaint says that a friend of Menken's told police that Menken joked about the scare, saying "You can thank me for the day off Friday."

Two detectives then interviewed Menken, who according to the complaint, admitted leaving the message.

The complaint says he told police he used a pen to write "something like, 'No school tomorrow....boom.' 

According to the complaint, Menken denied using the word bomb, said he did not plant a bomb, did not have a bomb, and said "the whole thing was a prank, and that he had hoped that the message would result in school being canceled on Friday."