Governor Walker recall election expected to move forward

Governor Walker recall election expected to move forward

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Mar 29, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 29, 2012

MILWAUKEE- A big step in the recall of Governor Scott Walker: State election officials say there are more than enough signatures to move forward with the recall.

Recall supporters turned in more than 900,000 valid signatures against the governor and more than 800,000 signatures against the lieutenant governor.  So now the recall election is officially on.

Governor Walker is downplaying the development, saying his camp has seen this coming for a while.  But democrats argue all those signatures are a sign Wisconsin wants Walker out of office.  "I look forward to the chance to make that case again to the voters," said Walker.

It looks like Governor Walker will have to convince voters a second time he's the man for the job.  "I think it gives us a great opportunity to tell our story," said Walker.

The GAB just released a report, verifying more than 900,000 signatures in the recall, several hundred thousand more than needed to force an election.

Wisconsin Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski says the message is clear: "I think Scott Walker's days in office are numbered," said Zielinski to TODAY'S TMJ4.  "The message is that Scott Walker abused his power; he wasn't honest with the people."

Ozzie Brodhead and his brother Leo are all for the recall.  "I expected we'd be in this process scheduling an election," said Ozzie Brodhead

You might remember Ozzie as the man who would drive by Walker's Wauwatosa home, waiving one finger. Leo thinks what's happening is bigger than just one cause.

"Anytime something happens where people are getting more involved in politics, looking at their candidates to see who's better, I think that's a good thing," said Leo Brodhead.

And while more than 900,000 people signed the recall petitions saying someone else is better, Governor Walker is standing firm.  "The truth is our most powerful tool in this debate," argued Gov. Walker.

That final word is expected to come at a GAB meeting Friday morning.  Democrats say when that happens, the work shifts to making sure they have the right candidate in the race.

If there is recall election, a primary will be held Tuesday, May 8.  The general election is Tuesday June 5.