Milwaukee neighborhood fighting to keep sex offender from moving in

Milwaukee neighborhood fighting to keep sex offender from moving in

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Mar 28, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 28, 2012

MILWAUKEE- Emotions ran high at a north side Milwaukee meeting Wednesday night over a sex predator moving into their neighborhood.

Their questions were as fueled by emotion -- as they were simple.

"Who made the determining factor to put him in my neighborhood, and what day he's moving in," asked one neighbor.

He -- is a sex offender named Eddie Bolden and by the end of April, he will be a group's new neighbor on N. 51st and W. Mill Road.

Bolden was deemed a "sexually violent person" by the state -- for three sexual assaults.  So after his prison time was served -- he spent another 15 years locked up for treatment.

Milwaukee County Judge Dennis Cimpl told a crowd looking to point blame -- to blame him.  "I made the decision in July to try the supervised release first.  Mr. Bolden or the state did not object," said Judge Cimpl.

Though he will be monitored around the clock by a GPS ankle bracelet, the people at that meeting are still fearful.

"When he is not supervised, he will probably offend again," said one person.

They also feel like their area is a dumping ground.  Sex offender Billy Lee Morford lived on the block from 2003 -- until neighbors forced him out three years later.

Contrary to rumors in the neighborhood -- the state does not own the house where Bolden will live.
The state is renting it.  It's owner -- is not from that neighborhood.