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Chicago Mayor Emanuel vouches for Barrett

Chicago Mayor Emanuel vouches for Barrett

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Mar 28, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 28, 2012

MILWAUKEE- We are less than a week from the election for Milwaukee Mayor, and still no word if Barrett will run for governor.  If he does decide to run, he built up his financial war chest today.

Car after car drove into the parking lot at the Italian Community Center for Wednesday's fundraiser for Mayor Tom Barrett, with Chicago mayor and former President Obama right-hand man, Rahm Emanuel.
Democratic Party Chairman, Mike Tate said Barrett did not make any announcements about a run in the recall election for Governor.

"We don't even know if Tom Barrett is going to run for Governor or not.  It is great that Rahm Emanuel could make the trip down to talk about what he's doing in Chicago to talk about things that are happening in the city and the state," Tate said.

While donors arrived, so did the protesters.

"We need to be here because Rahmuel noodles is the 1% mayors, we don't need those types around here," said protester, Marv Vike.

TODAY'S TMJ4 wasn't allowed inside, but those in attendance say it was a crowd of about 1,000

"I think at $400 to $2,500 a plate to get in there, I think it's an embarrassment to the working people of the state of Wisconsin," Vike said.

Mayor Barrett did not talk to the media, but Tate says there's nothing unusual about this fundraiser. 

"It's politician raises money, news at 11," Tate said.

"Political interpretation of what's going on is that he's raising money so he can run for governor, but in politics, nothing is for sure until it happens," said UW-Milwaukee political science professor, Mordecai Lee.

Mayor Barrett has said in the past that he'll announce his decision before the mayoral election.

We tried repeatedly to contact the Mayor's campaign director for comment, he did not return our calls.