West Allis students face legal trouble after bathroom fight

West Allis students face legal trouble after bathroom fight

By Melissa McCrady with Jay Sorgi. CREATED Mar 27, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 27, 2012

WEST ALLIS - All the students involved in a brawl at West Allis Hale High School were in trouble with the law Tuesday.

It happened in February inside a bathroom at Hale High.

A 15-year-old suspect says the 16-year-old victim was bullying his friend.

All three individuals were ticketed, with both the suspect and victim for fighting.  The student who videotaped the fight also faced a ticket.

The school district said criminal charges are pending.

In the statement, the suspect told police, "He was walking in the hallway when he confronted the 16-year-old about picking on his friend and told him to stop messing with him."

He claims the victim "told him no," then asked "You want to go?"

That's when they walked to the bathroom, and the fight happened.

The victim tells a story, saying he'd be picked on for being Asian and speaking broken English.

According to reports, "he thought they were just going into the bathroom to talk."

At one point, the victim and suspect exchanged a fist bump, and the victim insisted he thought it was a friendly gesture.

He quickly learned it was anything but friendly.

The student was beaten so badly that paramedics brought him to West Allis Hospital for a swollen eye and cut to his forehead. 

He was later transported to Children's Hospital for a bone fracture underneath his eye.  The victim underwent surgery.

The following is the complete statement Tuesday morning from the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District.

"We understand that the police has released a videotape of a fight between two students which occurred at Nathan Hale High School  We do not condone the student's actions in releasing the tape, or in speaking with the media, since this student is the one who was the aggressor in the fight and caused injury to another student.

"The district does not condone fighting or other acts of violence on school grounds.  Immediately upon learning of this fight, the District took swift action.  The police were contacted, and criminal charges are pending.

"One of the students involved in the fight has been expelled from the District.

"We consider this an isolated incident that will not be repeated.  The District works diligently with its staff and students to teach respect for others, and that violence should never be used to resolve conflicts.

"Appropriate student discipline was administered to the students involved.

"We, as a School District, cannot publicly comment on the student speaking with the media."