Ann Romney talks about husband, presidential campaign at Miss Katie's Diner

Ann Romney talks about husband, presidential campaign at Miss Katie's Diner

By Nick Montes. CREATED Mar 22, 2012

MILWAUKEE- A warm welcome for first lady hopeful Ann Romney at Miss Katie's Diner.  "It's great to be here.  We came off a huge win in Illinois," Ann Romney said to a crowd around her at the diner.

Romney's husband, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, hopes to pick up a win in the Wisconsin Republican Primary April 3.  "He is frustrated with growth of government.  He wants to shrink government.  He wants to cap spending and balance budgets and grow jobs," she says.

But first, Mitt Romney may have to grow his base.  A recent New York Times vote projection found Romney trailing former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum in Wisconsin 46.0% to 28.9%.

Now the Romney campaign is launching a new Wisconsin TV ad titled "Conservative Record."

"I balanced the budget every single day. And by the time I left, we had established over two billion dollars of a rainy day fund," Mitt Romney says in the ad.

Romney told 620 WTMJ's Charlie Sykes he is ready for a tough primary fight.  "I believe the American people are ready for the truth and understand that the promise attacks that are part of the political process have to be pushed aside for the truth," he says.

As for Ann Romney, she says her husband will come out on top.  "I'd like to say there's two words, I'd like people to think about when they think about Mitt.  One is character and the other is confidence," she says.

Romney was scheduled to have a fundraiser at the end of the month but canceled.  But, he will still be campaigning in Wisconsin.

His challenger, Rick Santorum, will be here this Saturday.