No criminal charges filed in Slinger 'Castle Doctrine' shooting

No criminal charges filed in Slinger 'Castle Doctrine' shooting

By Matt Montgomery. CREATED Mar 21, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 21, 2012

SLINGER- A homeowner accused of shooting and killing a man that had entered his porch will not be criminally charged, according to a release issued by the Washington County district attorney's office.

The district attorney's office said based on the facts of the case, the shooting met the requirements put forth by the "Castle Doctrine."

The shooting take place on March 3, when Bo Morrison was intoxicated (with a BAC of .19, over twice the state's legal limit for driving) and left an underage drinking party after law enforcement responded to a noise complaint at the house party.

Around 2 a.m., Mr. Morrison entered the nearby homeowner's fully enclosed porch by opening two fully enclosed doors, wearing dark clothing.

Upon hearing a noise, which was Mr. Morrison entering his porch, the homeowner armed himself and shot and killed Mr. Morrison with one shot.

The Washington County district attorney's office determined "the homeowner acted lawfully in self defense when he fired a single shot at Mr. Morrison," said the press release.  "In addition, our office recognizes that the presumption of reasonable force under the 'Castle Doctrine' only applies in a limited number of situations.  Under the facts of the case, it appears all of the requirements have been met."

Governor Walker signed the 'Castle Doctrine' bill back in December, 2011.