New 25 page report details alleged sexual impropriety by John Chadima

New 25 page report details alleged sexual impropriety by John Chadima

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Mar 16, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 16, 2012

MADISON- A new 25 page report says top UW-Madison athletic officials were shocked when allegations of sexual impropriety surfaced against then-assistant athletic director John Chadima.

The report released Friday was the second from former Dane County Circuit Judge Patrick Fiedler. It quotes athletic director Barry Alvarez and coach Bret Bielema as saying they'd never seen John Chadima do anything improper.

Gabriel Lagros and his friends are in the marching band.  They were in Pasadena, CA for the Rose Bowl, along with the football players, coaches and other members of the UW-Madison athletic department.   But it wasn't until after they got home -- that a scandal broke.

A student accused Chadima of sexual assault at a Rose Bowl party.  Then, two more men came forward, accusing him of similar behavior.  "You hear about these things and it's hard to believe until it actually happens close to home," said Gabriel Lagros.

That new report shows it wasn't the first accusation against Chadima either.  Two other students came forward after they heard about the Rose Bowl assault. 

One man claims he, Chadima, and some friends went out drinking back in 2010.  Chadima drove him to his house and made multiple advances.  The alleged victim was so uncomfortable, he locked himself in a bathroom until Chadima passed out.

But it wasn't the first sign of a problem, Chadima had already been reprimanded years earlier for getting caught in a car with a student, both of them drunk.

Chadima has since resigned, as the school tries to move on.  "We take allegations of misconduct seriously, we're not going to look the other way," said Vince Sweeney, Vice Chancellor for University Relations.  "The issue was addressed.  And you know, hindsight is 20/20...We've done our due diligence in reviewing the accusations that have been put forth and our goal is to move forward."

Chadima himself was not interviewed as part of this report over concerns that it would lead to the names of the alleged victims being released.  He did released a statement saying he's grateful for the support he's receiving and is getting counseling for alcohol and stress.

Chadima hasn't been criminally charged for any of these alleged actions.