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Senator Wanggaard facing two Democratic opponents in recall election

Senator Wanggaard facing two Democratic opponents in recall election

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Mar 14, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 14, 2012

RACINE- One of the most hotly contested recall races will be in Racine County, where state Senator Van Wanggaard now has two opponents.

It would be a rematch for Wanggaard and John Lehman; the third candidate, nobody seems to know anything about.  And so far, he's not offering many clues.

Two Democrats want to take it away from state Senator Wanggaard, including John Lehman -- the man he beat for the seat the last go round.  "It's the people of Wisconsin saying we can do better, we want better and we see that energy," said Lehman.

The other Democrat -- Andrew Mielke.

According to John Lehman, "I don't know about Andrew Mielke, I've never heard of him before."  His name is new to state Sen. Van Wanggaard as well.  "I have absolutely no idea who he is."

The 28-year-old Mielke told TODAY'S TMJ4's Annie Scholz he isn't doing television interviews yet.  He did say that his plan for now is to knock on doors.  Meanwhile, his opponents are in a fight that's now kicked into high gear.

"I want to see a campaign that is on the issues and real forward looking," said Lehman.  Meanwhile, state Sen. Wanggaard is defending his time in office.  "In my heart, I feel that I've done a good job."

Lehman also issued a challenge to state Sen. Wanggaard.  Lehman wants five debates and for Senator Wanggaard to run a fact-based campaign.  State Senator Wanggaard says he plans to run on the facts of his record.

The recall campaigns are catching the eye of voters in Racine.  In Amy Macemon's district, the battle has begun for state Senator Van Wanggaard's seat.  "It's powerful I think, what's happened."