Madison protesters rally against three bills pertaining to abortion, sex education

Madison protesters rally against three bills pertaining to abortion, sex education

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Mar 13, 2012

MADISON- State lawmakers are taking up a number of controversial bills dealing with abortion and sex education, but opponents of those bills rallied at the Capitol Tuesday afternoon. 

Planned Parenthood protested three bills during the rally: one on sex education in schools and two others related to abortion funding.

"Throughout the legislative session there has been a war on women," said Tanya Atkinson, executive director of Planned Parenthood.  "If legislators are concerned about unintended pregnancy if they are concerned about abortion, single parenthood, then they should be putting policies into place that support women."

Planned Parenthood supporters put on their pink shirts and marched around Madison in hopes of stopping three bills from passing.

Republican lawmaker Robin Vos argues he votes with the majority of Wisconsinites.  "We want to make sure the government is not paying for services to which many citizens have a moral objection," said Rep. Vos.

One bill up for vote sets up guidelines for how sex education is taught in schools.  "I think they should teach abstinence in school.  Let's use every form we can," said state Sen. Van Wanggaard.

"What we are doing today is saying it should be up to the local school districts to make decisions for themselves.  It's ironic we hear so often Democrats argue the need for local control.  I support that.  This is a clear example," said Rep. Vos.

Tanya Atkinson argues Republicans don't have women's issues at heart.  "We're here to rally, to raise our voices, and to let them know that women are watching, they have been watching and women vote."

One controversial bill introduced by Republican Glenn Grothman regarding single moms did not go up for a vote Tuesday.