Wauwatosa couple dishes on dinner with the president

Wauwatosa couple dishes on dinner with the president

By Keller Russell. CREATED Mar 11, 2012

WAUWATOSA - A Wauwatosa couple is finally able to talk about winning dinner with President Barack Obama after having to keep it secret for a month.

"We heard him coming from around a corner and we all kinda held our breath for a second," explained Cathleen Loringer.

It's the moment Loringer says reality sank in: she and her husband John were having dinner with President Barack Obama and the first lady.

Cathleen won the trip in a contest for small donors to Mr. Obama's campaign.

"You know he had elbows on the table, tie loosened up, just joking around; joking with the first lady, joking with all of us," Cathleen said detailing the moments of dinner.

The Wauwatosa couple joined two other contest winners and their guests at a restaurant in Washington D.C. earlier this week.

Cathleen even found herself seated next to the first lady.

Conversation flowed casually during the hour-and-a-half dinner with little time spent on politics.

Instead, they chatted about kids and college basketball.

"I tried to sell him on Marquette -- because we're both Marquette alums -- on it being a great pick for his NCAA tournament pool. And then we talked about kids a lot," John said.

Cathleen added that everyone discussed what they did for work and that the president and first lady shared their past working experiences.

John told TODAY'S TMJ4 Reporter Keller Russell he was most surprised by the first lady's height; she was taller than he expected, the president skinnier.

But their favorite moment came when the president asked who was watching their two young boys.

"When he asked who was watching our boys he said 'Oh that's great. I'll write them a letter. And then a second later he tapped Cathy on the shoulder and said 'What's your friend's name? He took out a postcard with a presidential seal on it and wrote a note to Jenna that said 'Jenna, thanks for watching the boys and your support. - Barack Obama ' and he handed it to Cathy right there."