Recall music videos posted on YouTube


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Recall music videos posted on YouTube

By Tom Murray. CREATED Mar 11, 2012

MILWAUKEE - There is so much passion on both sides, for and against Wisconsin's recall movement, that some have put a lot of effort into creating YouTube music videos to voice their political message.

TODAY'S TMJ4 found a song called 'Stand With Governor Walker' and a hip hop track with an opposing view called the 'Recall Anthem' on YouTube.

A union group posted a video said to be a retired Wisconsin music teacher performing a mini recall musical. The governor's campaign posted its own YouTube spot, which is also running on television stations.

"We kept our promise to balance the budget," Walker says in the commercial.

Former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk told supporters she would challenge Walker in a recall vote using an online video. In the post, Falk describes Walker as "a governor who has not been honest with voters."

Someone posted a parody video of Walker commercial outtakes. Another user even put a Star Wars spin on the recall, making a video dubbed 'My Governor's A Jedi.'

"You either stand with Scott Walker or move to a galaxy far, far away," the man in the video says.

UWM political expert Mordecai Lee said most people using YouTube for political purposes are creating messages intended for people who agree with their views, not necessarily as a persuasion tool to reach out to the other side.

"What they're doing is being spontaneous about how they feel about the candidate," Lee told TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray. "So many people both on the left and on the right feel that politics belongs to them and they want to participate. Social has given them an outlet to participate."

Opponents collected signatures to force a recall of Republican Governor Scott Walker. Election dates have not been set.